IU and World War II

What was it like to be a student at IU shortly before, during and immediately after World War II?   In this exhibit, we attempt by means of short narratives and photographic images to partially answer this question.  The exhibit is divided into 4 sections:  Preparing for the War, Reactions to Pearl Harbor, IU During the War Years, and Post War IU.  In the course of the narrative, we address the following questions about the impact of WWII on Indiana University:  What changes occurred in the curriculum?  Was there a strong military presence on campus before and after the war?  How did IU enrollment change during the war years, and what impact did those changes have on student life?  How did IU respond to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and to the declaration of war by the United States?  How did civilian IU faculty and students contribute to the war effort?  What was the impact of the G-I Bill on IU enrollment?  Where did IU house all these new students after the war?  After reviewing the exhibit we hope you will have a better understanding of the tremendous impact WWII had on IU, and of how the University responded to the challenges associated with educating its students and, at the same time, with preparing them to support the war effort.


This exhibit was created by James Mladenovic and Philip Bantin