Students and enrollment growth

Graduate students by discipline

At left is a manuscript list of graduate students by discipline from 1966.

Among the notable names on this list is Daniel Ben-Amos who, after leaving IU, went on an assistant professorship in Anthropology at the University of California and later, became the Chair of Graduate Folklore and Folklife at the University of Pennsylvania. 

In the first decade of the program, the numbers of students enrolled in African Studies course offerings went from 26 graduate and 17 undergraduate students during the 1960-1961 school year to 675 graduate and 788 undergraduate students during the 1969-1970 school year. 

Today, outside of Hamilton Lugar School and core faculty, ASP affiliates (both faculty and students) are represented across 52 disciplines in 11 Schools, the College, as well as other affiliates in auxiliary units e.g. Libraries, and the IU Language Workshop. 

History and Ethnography courses, many of them taught by George Brooks, accounted for a large portion of the increasing enrollments during the Program's first decade.  

This 1969 letter from a Department of Government (Political Science) graduate to Gus Liebenow shows the extension of a close-knit group of faculty to a larger community of junior scholars that would go on to lead (and sometimes found) African Studies programs and departments at institutions around the country and beyond.