Funding frustration for the fledgling program

Despite documented evidence of steady and increasing program activity, ongoing funding for the young program was far from certain. 

In December 1964, African Studies Program Chairman Gus Liebenow wrote to College of Arts and Sciences Dean Joseph Sutton expressing his frustration at ASP’s previous rejections for NDEA funding under Title IV (four) and explaining his rationale for IU’s bid to establish an African language and area center under the expanding Title VI (six) NDEA funding.

Whereas Title IV of the 1958 NDEA awarded “3-year fellowships for full-time study to doctoral candidates interested in college teaching, by institutional allowances for strengthening graduate programs” to grantees, Title VI "supports international education activities that range from advanced Ph.D. training to elementary social studies and serve not only all types and levels of educational institutions, but also some business and community interests." The breadth of support offered by Title VI made it an attractive source of funding for a multi-faceted program such as IU's.