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M•A•D•E in Ashland
Music • Art • Dance • Education

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Title M•A•D•E in Ashland
Music • Art • Dance • Education
Description "Ashland Americana" - Music by various artists
Creator NEOS Dance Theatre
Date March 17, 2018

Archer Auditorium
Ashland, OH
Contributor Sylvia McNair, soprano
Kevin Cole, piano
Robert Wesner, choreographer
Janet Bolick and Robert Wesner, costumes
Susan Shafer, featured artist
Dancers: Mary-Elizabeth Fenn, Juliana Freude, Alexis Britford, Kassandra Lee, Kaleb Reilly, Matthew Roberts, Carson Sandiford-Hoxie, Katherine Tackett, Anna Trumbo, Brooke Wesner, Rebekah Grey, Ali LeBay
Advisory Board: Glenn Edgerton, Sylvia McNair, Cynthia Newland, Jane Startzman, Michael Uthoff
Type Blended music, dance and visual art performance


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Music • Art • Dance • Education,” Cook Music Library Digital Exhibitions, accessed June 27, 2022,