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Orrego Mistral invitation.jpg
In 1988, Orrego-Salas received the Gabriela Mistral Inter-American Culture Prize, an award created by the Organization of American States in memory of Nobel laureate Gabriela Mistral.

Orrego_Carmen Benavente and sons.jpg
Orrego-Salas with his wife, Carmen Benavente (front), and their sons (back, left to right) Juan Felipe, Juan Matías, Juan Cristián, and Juan Miguel.

Orrego-Portrait 1.jpg
Juan Orrego-Salas, b. 1919. Chilean composer, scholar, and founding director of the Latin American Music Center at Indiana University.

Orrego with President of Chile Premio Nacional de Arte.jpg
Orrego-Salas with the President of Chile, Patricio Aylwin, on the night he was presented with the Premio Nacional de Artes Musicales in 1992, Chile.

Orrego Sextet - Tanglewood 2.jpg
Opening measures of manuscript copy of "Sexteto para clarinete en sib, cuarteto de cuerdas y piano, op. 38" by Juan Orrego-Salas.

Orrego Concerto para Oboe y Cuerdas - Serena del Olmo.jpg
Last measures of "Concerto para oboe y cuerdas," op. 77 (1980) finished at the home of the composer. At end: "La Serena del Olmo, Bloomington, Nov, 1, 1980, 5:00pm."

Orrego Portrait composer 1.jpg
Juan Orrego-Salas examining a score.

Orrego Days of God sketch.jpg
From a page of an early sketch of "Days of God," op. 73 by Juan Orrego-Salas.

Orrego_Harrington - Days of God rehearsal.jpg
Photo of Juan Orrego-Salas and choral conductor Jan Harrington in rehearsal for the premiere of "Days of God," op. 73 in 1976, Orrego-Salas work commissioned by Antal Dorati and the National Symphony Orchestra of Washington for the Bicentennial…

Orrego - Encuentros visiones y repasos.jpg
Image of the book cover for "Encuentros visiones y repasos" by Juan Orrego-Salas
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