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5b water color.jpg
Watercolor of landscape by Juan Orrego-Salas.

Orrego Mistral invitation.jpg
In 1988, Orrego-Salas received the Gabriela Mistral Inter-American Culture Prize, an award created by the Organization of American States in memory of Nobel laureate Gabriela Mistral.

LAMC book 1995.jpg
"Scores and Recordings at the Indiana University Latin American Music Center" compiled and edited by Ricardo Lorenz with Luis R. Hernández and Gerardo Dirié ; Foreword by Carmen-Helena Tellez ; and introduction: "Research and Promotion of Latin…

Orrego Di Tella founding Argentina version 2.jpg
Statement on the opening of the Centro Latinamericano de Altos Estudios Musicales (CLAEM) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Concert program Catholic University 1941.jpg
Program cover from a 1941 performance of the Coro de la Universidad Católica de Santiago, Chile, directed by Juan Orrego-Salas.

Concert program_Spring Festival of Latin American Music 5th 1967 a.jpg
A concert program for one of the Spring Festivals of Latin American Music sponsored by the Latin American Music Center and given at Indiana University School of Music in 1967.

Orrego My trip though music.jpg
A page from the script for 1955 lecture give at Harvard University by Juan Orrego-Salas, "My Trip Through Music."

Orrego-Salas_Louisville Orch Commission Acceptance.jpg
A letter from Juan Orrego-Salas accepting a commission from the Louisville Orchestra, written June 8, 1954.

Copland-Orrego Letter 1.jpg
Letter from Aaron Copland to Juan Orrego-Salas from December 21, 1960

Orrego Ginastera letter to Orrego version 2.jpg
A letter from Alberto Ginastera to Juan Orrego-Salas, 1967.
Discussing Ginastera's scheduled visit to Bloomington, Indiana to attend the performance of his "Cantata Bomarzo" (1964) at the Fifth Spring Festival of Latin American Music, at the Indiana…
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