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Ibero-American Centennials Project (1920-2020) LAMC.

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Ibero-American Centennials Project (1920-2020) LAMC.


Ibero-American Cultural Luminaries (musicians, composers, dancers, performers, etc.)


A Centennial Celebration of Ibero-American Cultural Luminaries.


Dederick, Emma (Librarian and Curator of Special Collections)


Indiana University, Bloomington. Latin American Music Center




Indiana University, Bloomington. Latin American Music Center

Collection Items

Photo: Alicia Alonso as the Black Swan, 1955
Photo of Alicia Alonso as the Black Swan, taken ca. 1955.

Photo: Alicia Alonso as Giselle with Reyes Fernández, 1960
Alicia Alonso (as Giselle) with Reyes Fernández in Giselle.

Photo: Alicia Alonso with Viengsay Valdès, Romel Frometa, and the Cuban National Ballet, 2007
Alicia Alonso, director of the Cuban national ballet, surrounded by Viengsay Valdès and Romel Frometa, saluting during the last performance of Giselle at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Photo: Bust of Alicia Alonso
Bust of the Prima Ballerina Alicia Alonso, Colección Museo Nacional de la Danza, La Habana, Cuba.

Photo: Amália Rodrigues Calçada, 2017
Photo of a tile monument of Amália Rodrigues, taken ca. 2017.

Murals: Amália Rodrigues, 2010
Mural of Amália Rodrigues in Lisbon Portugal, taken ca. 2010.

Photo: Hilario González
Photo portrait of Hilario González.

Painting: Retrato do Maestro Alberto Nepomuceno, 1895
Painting of Alberto Nepomuceno at the piano, 1895.

Photo: Alberto Nepomuceno
Photo of Alberto Nepomuceno.

Book cover: "Alicia Alonso: orbita de una leyenda"
"Alicia Alonso: orbita de una leyenda" book cover
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