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Latin American Music Center (LAMC) : Juan Orrego-Salas Legacy Collection

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Latin American Music Center (LAMC) : Juan Orrego-Salas Legacy Collection


Exhibits ; Orrego-Salas, Juan, 1919-2019 ; Special Collections ; Archives


Life and work of Juan Orrego-Salas, Chilean composer, educator, scholar, and advocate of Latin American music.


Dederick, Emma (Librarian and Curator of Special Collections)


Indiana University, Bloomington. Latin American Music Center




Indiana University, Bloomington. Latin American Music Center

Collection Items

Award invitation: Gabriela Mistral Award, 1988
In 1988, Orrego-Salas received the Gabriela Mistral Inter-American Culture Prize, an award created by the Organization of American States in memory of Nobel laureate Gabriela Mistral.

Photo: Orrego-Salas with wife Carmen and sons
Orrego-Salas with his wife, Carmen Benavente (front), and their sons (back, left to right) Juan Felipe, Juan Matías, Juan Cristián, and Juan Miguel.

Photo: Juan Orrego-Salas Portrait
Juan Orrego-Salas, b. 1919. Chilean composer, scholar, and founding director of the Latin American Music Center at Indiana University.

Photo: Orrego-Salas and President of Chile Patricio Aylwin
Orrego-Salas with the President of Chile, Patricio Aylwin, on the night he was presented with the Premio Nacional de Artes Musicales in 1992, Chile.

Score: Sextet, op. 38 (1954)
Opening measures of manuscript copy of "Sexteto para clarinete en sib, cuarteto de cuerdas y piano, op. 38" by Juan Orrego-Salas.

Score: Concerto para oboe y cuerdas, op. 77 (1980)
Last measures of "Concerto para oboe y cuerdas," op. 77 (1980) finished at the home of the composer. At end: "La Serena del Olmo, Bloomington, Nov, 1, 1980, 5:00pm."

Photo: Juan Orrego-Salas Portait
Juan Orrego-Salas examining a score.

Score: Days of God, op. 73 (1976)
From a page of an early sketch of "Days of God," op. 73 by Juan Orrego-Salas.

Photo: Rehearsal for "Days of God," op. 73 (1976) by Juan Orrego-Salas
Photo of Juan Orrego-Salas and choral conductor Jan Harrington in rehearsal for the premiere of "Days of God," op. 73 in 1976, Orrego-Salas work commissioned by Antal Dorati and the National Symphony Orchestra of Washington for the Bicentennial…

Writings: "Encuentros visiones y repasos"
Image of the book cover for "Encuentros visiones y repasos" by Juan Orrego-Salas
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