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Report from Russia

About this item

Description A film intended to show U.S. audiences the lives of their allied civilian counterparts in Russia. Shows the defense of Moscow during air raids, Soviet war bond drives, agricultural and industrial productivity. Emphasizes the role of women in the Soviet industrial workforce, as engineers and pilots. "Report From Russia shows the strength of that country. Not only the guns, tanks, and planes are shown, but the invincibility of the people themselves is depicted. Women farmers and women in industry, children on farms and civilians being calm under enemy fire are shown." ("Free Films Review," Movie Makers, August, 1943, 318.)
Creator U.S. Office of War Information Bureau of Motion Pictures
Date Issued 1942
Original Format 16mm print
Duration 08:00
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.
Geographic Coverage Moscow, Russia, Soviet Union