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Description Stresses the American paratrooper's ability to do battle in a variety of terrains and climates. Portrays the diverse skillset military parachutists must acquire prior to going into battle. Several scenes show paratroopers learning to ski in order to navigate arctic environments. "A quick overview of the weeks spent in learning to jump, tumble, and fall, in practice jumping from a tower and from a dummy plane, in packing the parachute one's life depends on, in learning to jump from a plane in half a second, to guide a chute by working the shroud cords, to land without splintering a leg, to disengage the chute and come up fighting." (War Films Bulletin of the Extension Division Indiana University, February, 1943, 24.)
Creator U.S. Office of War Information Bureau of Motion Pictures
Date Issued 1943
Original Format 16mm print
Duration 09:00
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.
Geographic Coverage United States, The Arctic region