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U.S. News Review: Issue No. 5

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Description Newsreel consisting of five short subjects.
"Safety Styles" Veronica Lake is shown with her famous "one-eyed" hairstyle. The narration reports that "Ms. Lake has chosen to put glamour in its proper wartime place and face the world with both eyes in the clear," modeling this safer hairstyle for women factory workers. The need for women to wear functional, unadorned clothing for safety in factory work is shown.
"Unmanned Machines Mean Unarmed Men" Animations show that absences from work at war production jobs cause delays, depriving soldiers of needed weapons and supplies.
"Our Children-A War Problem" Efforts to address rising problems of child care while women take wartime jobs outside of the home are shown. Problems of abandoned children and juvenile delinquency illustrate the need for after-school programs and daycare centers designed to support the needs of wartime families.
"1000 Plane Raid" Reports on the 1000 plane bombing raid by the Royal Air Force on the German city of Bremen, June 26, 1942. Includes footage of preparation of the bombers and night photography of the destruction of the city.
"The Army Air Corps Song" Scenes of building and flying of fighting planes accompany the Air Corps song. Subtitled song lyrics appear.
Creator U.S. Office of War Information Bureau of Motion Pictures
Date Issued 1943
Original Format 16mm print
Duration 15:47
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.
Geographic Coverage Bremen, Germany
Temporal Coverage June 26, 1942