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We Said We'd Come Back

About this item

Description Portrays the actions and successes of the U.S. Navy to maintain the support of the American public. Shows how the war in the Pacific was turning to the American side including footage of the retaking of Guam and warships such as the U.S.S. Washington and San Francisco engaged in battle. The film shows the range of naval vessels and airplanes including battleships, cruisers, submarines, aircraft carries, and PT boats. Depicts the great lengths the Navy goes to to save and care for wounded sailors. Shows the Seabees constructing an airstrip. Ends with an appeal by the Secretary of the Navy for the American public to buy Ward Bonds.
Creator U.S. Navy
Contributor Admiral Ernest J. King; James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy
Date Issued 1945
Alternate Title We Said We'd Come Back And Silence
Original Format 16mm
Duration 14:35
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.
Geographic Coverage Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States
Temporal Coverage 1944