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Film Communique: Twelfth Issue

About this item

Description The twelfth issue of a series of compilation films from the U.S. War Office includes four shorts.

Weapon of War from the Army Pictorial Services Signal Corps’ First Motion Picture Unit: uses animation featuring the voice talents of Mel Blanc to show how American solidarity defeated the Nazi’s most dangerous “weapon of war”: racial and religious hatred intended to sow conflict before a military assault. 0:00-6:16.

Great Floor
 by the Army Air Forces Combat Film Unit: shows the creation of a landing strip in China through the labor of 70,000 Chinese villagers using pre-industrial technologies under the direction of a small crew of American Army engineers. 6:18-10:44.

Sky Guys
 by the Army Air Forces Combat Film Unit: depicts the start of the Liberation of southern France from the viewpoint of Army paratroopers. 10:45-12:47.

Coming Home
 by the Army Air Forces Combat Film Unit: Documentation of the American Navy assault on the island of Guam to retake the American territory from the Japanese. Includes footage of wounded and dead Japanese and American soldiers. 12:48-18:50.
Creator U.S. War Office
Army Pictorial Services Signal Corps' First Motion Picture Unit
Army Air Forces Combat Film Unit
Contributor Mel Blanc: voices in "Weapon of War"
Date Issued 1944
Alternate Title Weapon of War
Original Format 16mm print
Duration 18:56
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.
Geographic Coverage China