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Machine Shop Work: Bench Work: No. 2: Scraping Flat Surfaces

About this item

Description As part of the war effort, the U. S. Office of Education released 48 films in 1941 and 1942 to train factory workers and shipbuilders under a project called Victory Training Films. The success of these titles helped convince the federal government and corporations that films could be used to effectively train employees. "This film shows and explains the operations, methods, and procedures used in hand scraping flat surfaces to a surface plate. The introductory sequences of the film show the uses of flat surfaces to provide accurate guides and slides, and to provide liquid tight joints. The problem covered in this film is hand-scraping a fuel pump body to produced a liquid-tight joint." ("Bench Work," Business Screen: War Training Edition, number 4, 1942, 18.)
Creator Federal Security Agency
U.S. Office of Education
Ray-Bell Films, Inc.
Date Issued 1941
Original Format 16mm print
Duration 13:20
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.