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Film Communique: Sixth Issue

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Addressed to "the men and women of American Industry," the Film Communique series reports on military accomplishments to an audience of domestic workers producing materials for war. Comprised of six short segments:

This Isn't War It's Murder! Reports on the is land conquering campaigns in the Pacific theater, using combat footage to illustrate the contributions of "the silent partners in this combined operation" - those of the industrial workforce at home.

General Mud gives an account of the struggle against severely muddy conditions in Italy shows the necessity to construct new roads before armies can advance.

Grasshopper profiles the super-lightweight reconnaissance airplanes used to direct artillery fire to enemy targets. The narrator states "they're the controlling might that gives precision for our war weapons equal to the precision with which our workers forge them at home, they're the grasshoppers that make the American eagle free."

Yankee Rope Trick profiles the resourcefulness of American soldiers in the successful rescue of a grounded transport ship.

Pipes Of War shows the construction of oil pipelines across Italy to bring fuel from tanker ships to the front lines quickly and efficiently. Documents the vast consumption of fuel to keep the invasion of Europe advancing.

Stella tells the story of an American bomber that lost 3 of its 4 engines on its mission but still managed to limp back to England. After the bomber has undergone complete repair, commentary states "every month 500 other battle damaged planes like Stella climb back into the air."

Creator The Signal Corps : produced by
Combat film units of Marines, Army Airforces, United States Navy
Date Issued 1944
Spatial Coverage New Britain, Papua New Guinea
Duration 00:19:00
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.