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Life Line

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Description Reports on the capture of Munda and Rendova in the Solomon Islands. The role of medical instruments and supplies as weapons in these battles is emphasized as well as the battle against death by wound and infection. Shows the "heroes" at home who donate blood plasma and prepare medical supplies for the front lines. "The camera record of the opening attack against Rendova and Munda, the Japanese counterattack, and the magnificent job done in evacuating American wounded and saving their lives. In these front-line scenes is vividly shown how medical supplies from America meant the difference between life and death of our fighters" (September 1945 Supplement to Indiana University Extension Division Visual Aids Catalog of October 1943, 44).
Creator The Signal Corps : produced by
Date Issued 1943
Temporal Coverage 1943 July 4
Spatial Coverage Rendova, New Georgia, Solomon Islands
Munda, New Georgia, Solomon Islands
Duration 00:17:21
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.