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Bring the World to the Classroom

About this item

Description Promotes the catalog of ERPI Classroom Films to educators, presenting excerpts from dozens of films with narration extolling their effectiveness (ERPI was the predecessor to Encylopia Britannica Filmsacronym, its acronym is derived from Western Electric Electrical Research Products Inc.). "Designed to show how the sound film can surmount many barriers to human learning by bringing to the classroom concepts otherwise difficult or impossible to present" states narration. Examples of microphotography, animated diagrams, time lapse and slow motion photography demonstrate the applications of the motion-picture film in the classroom. Travelogue, foreign cultures, training and trades are brought to the classroom. Cites a study finding that classroom films are particularly effective with "low I.Q." students. Includes time lapse film of the solar eclipse of 1932.
Creator ERPI Classroom Films, Inc.
Encyclopaedia Britannica Films Inc.
Date Issued 1938
Duration 00:19:54
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.