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The Farmer's Wife

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Description "A documentary tribute to the farm women of America and an explanation of their part in winning the war. Exemplified by 'Mom,' the farm woman is shown to be a potent force in lining up the farm family behind the agricultural war production program. It is "Mom" who helps the child out of difficulty. She looks after the chickens, the pigs, the young calf. If she's not in the garden or in the orchard, she is in the kitchen canning vegetables, picking a chicken, cooking, so that all will have enough and the right kind of food to eat. Everything and everybody on the farm depends on 'Mom.' She lends cheer and encouragement when morale is low. She is the moving spirit in community affairs. The things she does every day on the farm are war work. The attitude of farm women in general is summed up in 'Mom's' closing speech, 'If our farm can helpI guess it's little enough. It's kind of up to you and me to see it through' " (Motion Pictures of the United States Department of Agriculture, 1945, 22).
Creator United States. Department of Agriculture
Wilding Picture Productions, Inc. : produced by
Contributor J.M. Constable : directed by
James Pridle III : story by
Harold Stokes : music by
Orlando Lippert : cameraman
Chester Lindstrom : supervisor for the U.S.D.A.
Duncan Wall : supervisor for the U.S.D.A.
Date Issued 1942
Duration 00:09:51
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.