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Blessings of Grass

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Description Introduced as "the story of cattle grazing in the national forest," the film depicts cooperation between the Forest Service and local ranchers to manage the grazing of herds on public land. Original USDA publication catalog entry states: "Range management in the western national forests. Shows how to perpetuate grazing lands by protecting them from overuse by livestock and thus insure the income of ranchers and communities dependent on the livestock and grazing industry for a living" (Motion Pictures of the United States Department of Agriculture, 1945, 41). Depicts rounding up, branding and inoculating cattle in preparation for driving from private range land to National Forest. Shows duties of Forest Rangers, including monitoring fences and health of grasses. Cutting, raking and stacking of hay in using mostly horse-drawn implements is shown. Concludes by showing that U.S. Forest Service range management has helped western "cow towns" to prosper and grow.
Creator United States. Department of Agriculture. Forest Service
Contributor Edward Prescott : forest ranger
C.W. Jackson : forest ranger
Kenneth Bray : forest ranger
August A. Schroeder : stockman
Paul Hammacher : stockman
John Shantz : stockman
Austin Brady : stockman
Roberth Oshins : stockman
Jack Selby : "Honest Jon" Williams
Charles McDonald : direction
William R. McCarthy : cinematography
Fred E. Dunham : cinematography
Rebuen Ford : sound recording
Maurice Joyce : voice
Date Issued 1940
Spatial Coverage Western United States
Beaverhead National Forest, Montana U.S.
Dillon, Montana, U.S.
Duration 00:20:33
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.