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Film Communique [Third Issue]

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Third issue of the Film Communique series. Composed of five short segments:

Hitting the Beach features the LST tank landing craft, shows the unloading of supplies on a captured beachhead. Concludes with footage of LST under attack by enemy bombers.

Dog Fight shows U.S. P-47 fighter planes accompanying bombing runs over Europe. Preparation and takeoff from British airfields, footage captured by wing-mounted cameras of dogfight with German aircraft.

Sunday Morning a religious service given on a tropical beach on Guadalcanal Island, without commentary.

Casey Jones Goes G.I. Depicts the destruction of Axis railroad trains, stations and road beds. Explains that occupying Allied forces must repair the railroads for their own use. Recognizes the role of Army railroad men, depicting the assembly of a steam locomotive that had been shipped to Europe in pieces.

Hitting The Silk Shows General MacArthur preparing for the invasion of Lei Island by paratroops. Details preparation of large invasion force, footage of parachuting over Japanese-held island. Narration concludes: "one of these days they'll be landing in a field just outside Tokyo."

Creator The Signal Corps : produced by
Combat film units of Army Airforces, United States Navy
Date Issued 1943
Spatial Coverage Lae Atoll, Marshall Islands
Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
Duration 00:20:20
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.