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Film Communique [Second Issue]

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Second issue of the Film Communique series. Includes two short segments:

A Day With the A-36's Follows through a day with the A-36 a lightweight attack bomber - adapted from the P-51 Mustang. Shows glimpses of the ground life of the men who service and fly the planes. Footage shot from plane-mounted cameras on a bombing mission against Nazi targets in Sicily.

Report From Berlin Excerpts of a captured German newsreel, showing Nazi rallies and government ceremonies. Reports on war industry exceeding production goals, with scenes from factories, shipyards and munitions production. Narrated commentary presents the film to U.S. war workers in order that they see the face and production capabilities of the enemy, spoken English translation follows German newsreel narration.

Date Issued 1943
Spatial Coverage Sicily
Duration 00:20:05
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.