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Victory Harvest

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Description Reports on the coordination of community volunteers for farm harvesting labor through the efforts of the Victory Farm Volunteers of the U.S. Crop Corps and local agricultural agents. "The story of the farm labor shortage caused by the war, and how it was met during the crop season of 1944 through the vigorous and patriotic efforts of several million volunteers from our towns and cities. It shows the county agent in a typical agricultural county, marshalling its forces to recruit help needed to harvest the local potato crop. Similarly, workers were recruited all over the country to help with fruit, grain, cotton, sugar beets, hay, truck, and other crops. With the patriotic help of these volunteers, farmers, in spite of war handicaps were able to produce the largest crops in history" (Motion Pictures of the United States Department of Agriculture, 1945, 19). In an epilogue Judge Marvin Jones, War Food Administrator, emphasizes that manpower shortage on the farms is still a problem.
Creator United States. Department of Agriculture
United States. Office of Information. Motion Picture Service
Contributor Don Carlos Ellis : story
Carl Hancock : subject supervision
George H. Ortlieb : photography
Rueben Ford : sound
Leon Brusiloff : music
Warren Sweeney : narration
Date Issued 1945
Duration 00:22:16
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.