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Wings to Austria

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Description "Wings to Austria" is a travelogue produced by Dick Durrance Film Productions for Pan American World Airways in 1955. The film narrator discusses the Austrian Culture available to interested travelers. Famous sites in Vienna, Salzburg, and Arlberg are explored through local favorite past times including cuisine, traditional events, historical sites and performing arts.

"Wings to Austria" was produced by Dick Durrance in 1953-1954 and sold to Pan American World Airways in 1955 and distributed for several years as one of Pan American Airway's promotional films series "Wings to..." The production and success of this film contributed to retired U.S. Ski Champion Dick Durrance's film production career for the next several decades.
Creator Dick Durrance Film Productions.
Date 1954
Subject Austria Travel
Publisher Pan American World Airways
Format Eastman Kodak Color Kodachrome, 16 mm.
Language English Narration.
Type Travelogue
Date Issued December 15, 1955
Date Created 1953-1954
Date Copyrighted 1954
Date Broadcast 1955-12-15
Series Title Wings to...
Creator Durrance, Dick
Physical Location Indiana University Library Moving Image Archives, Moss Collection
Duration 25.51 minutes
Color/Black & White Color
Sound/Silent Sound
Film Stock Eastman Kodak Kodachrome 16 mm
Nation of Origin United States of America
Geographic Coverage Austria


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