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Into The Blue

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Description "The film shows the careful background of training which R.A.F. men carry with them when they fly off 'into the blue.'" (War Films Bulletin of the Extension Division Indiana University, February, 1943, 23.) New Royal Air Force recruits participate in physical drills, learn morse code, practice navigation and mapping, hone their skills in accurate deployment of ammunition from bombers, and are issued uniforms and parachutes. After training in military flying through simulation and practice flights, the new recruits are portrayed leaving for their first military operation.
Creator G.B. Instructional Limited
Royal Air Force
Contributor Darrell Catling: directed by; Frank North: photographed by
Date Issued 1940
Original Format 16mm print
Duration 10:39
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.K.
Geographic Coverage U.K.