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Shows how the Extension Service of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture helped recruit and place young people from towns and cities on farms during World War II to combat farm labor shortage. Many farms relied on the labor of young men and were left with…

Newsreel consisting of five short subjects.
"Safety Styles" Veronica Lake is shown with her famous "one-eyed" hairstyle. The narration reports that "Ms. Lake has chosen to put glamour in its proper wartime place and face the world with both eyes in…

A recuitment film for the British Air Training Corps, which trained teenage boys for a career in the U.K. air force. The short starts with a group of boys fighting about the model of airplane they see landing on an airstrip, and then moves to an…

The Children See it Thru was a British production made as a fundraising appeal to American audiences to help clothe and educate English children affected by the Blitz. The film depicts the hardships of life during wartime for children including…
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