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"War on Wheels" is described as a confidential industrial film bulletin from Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson to the those involved in the production of tanks. "Directed principally to the men and women of automotive industries to show them the…

"Includes a report from Britain showing the RAF and the 8th Air Force on a hedgehopping bomber flight over France and Germany, and the 5th Air Force report from New Guinea." ("News and Notes," Educational Screen, June, 1944, 266.)

A film "showing the fighting and casualties invovled in securing the Anzio beachhead." (William H. Nelson, "Washington Film News," Movie Makers, July 1944, 260.)

This 1945 film intended for U.S. civilian audiences uses violent battlefield footage from the fall of 1944 to shame people back home who considered the war over and were returning to a pre-war lifestyle. Scenes show the liberation of Ardennes, France…

This film focuses on the many aspects of the wartime production and supply dissemination "chain", from creating goods to navigating the dangerous delivery of shipments. "A Nazi submarine 'wolf pack' racing to intercept a convoy carrying urgently…
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