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Nike Global; Olympics Campaign

Faulire Jordan.png
Nike commercial with superstar Michael Jordan.

Go Tell the World.png
Nike's support of soccer throughout the United States

Japs Bomb U.S.A..jpg
"Remember Pearl Harbor! Here is the fateful record of the treacherous Jap attack! Actual bombing scenes! Filmed on the spot! Dive-bombing planes! Heroic defense by Americans! Here is grim history .. on film .. for now and posterity. The beginning of…

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 3.26.30 PM.png
A page from Boy's Life Magazine. This advertisement describes how the audience has the opportunity to sell seeds or greeting cards and exchange the earnings for popular prizes.

2002 Winter Olympics Ad from Nike

My Better is Better than Yuor Better.png
The first commercial in the "My Better is Better" ad campaign

Supervising Women Workers.jpg
A list of films from the U.S. Office of Education on perceived common problems in supervision, including Supervising Women Workers. See the issue of Business Screen Magazine here.
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