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A title card from Movies March On.

Pediatricians are seen here listening to Dr. Arnold Gesell on his research.

A 1949 report from the United Nations on the Food and Agriculture Organization, was sponsored by the United Nations Film Board while be produced by The March of Time.

A US Air Force cargo plane is used to illustrate the high capabilities and exceptionalism of the US military.

A Burning German tank is depicted in connection with British gains in North Africa.

The March of Time used the article headline from the San Francisco Chronicle to transition their story on munitions airdrops.

An air raid shelter sign is shown while discussing civil defense in American cities.

In this dramatization to reinforce the importance of two-way radio, a family is shown escaping a building on fire while firefighters are alerted.

This shot shows suburban environment from the film "And a Voice Shall Be Heard."

The March of Time's 1951 production "And A Voice Shall Be Heard" was directly sponsored by General Electric.
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