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Visits with a sculptor

10 episodes, 1957, Department of Cinema, University of California

From WNET:

"This series -- a rerun -- centers around sculpture, one of the oldest of the arts. Through the media of wood, clay, and stone, sculptor Merrell Gage expresses with his hands the conceptions of his mind. As Gage works, he discusses the problems of the sculptor -- composition, form, dimension, proportion, and feeling. In particular he explains the techniques inherent in the different artistic media. But more than a mechanical process, sculpture is an expression of an artist's sensitivity to life in all its varied hues. Therefore, throughout the series, Gage not only attempts to create an understanding of sculpture but an understanding of the artist as well. VISITS WITH A SCULPTOR was produced by the Department of Cinema at the University of Southern California. Production Supervisor: David Johnson. Directors: Edward Freed and David Johnson. Director of Photography: Richard Harber."