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The Secret of Flight

1959, 13 episodes, State University of Iowa

From WNET:

"'The Secret of Flight' is a lecture series about the basic problems of flight, explained by visual presentation of flow experiments. As the material of the lectures should be understood by every interested listener, no mathematical or other theoretical knowledge is used for explanation. Every problem is demonstrated by a true-life experiment and purely scientific language is avoided. Each of the lectures deals with a basic problem of flight. The experiments are mostly shown as flow picture but at certain points scale models and flying models are used to ensure easier understanding. As an average there are about eight different experiments in a half hour lecture at the end of each presentation. The lecture series is divided into two main divisions. Lectures one through seven explain the basic problems which lead to the invention of the airplanes. Lectures eight through 13 point out the more modern problems of aerodynamics and explain some subjects of general interest which ae connected with flight and fluid motion. The series was produced by the State University of Iowa and directed by Sam Becker, head of SUI’s television department."