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The painting

7 episodes, 1957, KETC (St. Louis)

From WNET:

"National Educational Television achieves another first in this series of programs which originated at KETC, St. Louis. It’s the first time that an artist has produced a painting before the glaring lights and grinding cameras of the television studio – and before a multitude of viewers. Working on a rigid, inflexible, split-second deadline, Siegfried Reinhardt paints a picture entitled “The Man of Sorrows,” a religious work whose central figure is Christ. Reinhardt brings the painting from bare concept to completion without benefit or “gimmicks.” The entire work was done before the cameras strictly on an “ad lib” basis. The series shows step-by-step the way a painting is produced. It is designed to bring viewers closer to all good paintings and artists by providing insight into the problems and hopes, frustrations and rewards, which the painter must undergo."