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The friendly giant

455 episodes, 1954-1959, 1966-1967, WHA-TV (Madison, Wisconsin) and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

From WNET:

"Probably the oldest continuing children’s program on public television, THE FRIENDLY GIANT is Robert Homme (pronounced “hummy”). The outsized “Giant” (who seems so big because he lives in a video world of miniature buildings and stage props) works with puppets to communicate knowledge and information on subjects ranging from pets to the weather. The program is designed for children ranging in age from three to seven.

Each program opens in a farmyard where Friendly towers over miniature sets. He talks about farmyard animals and then invites his young viewers into his Castle where he reads stories, sings songs and talks with his little puppet friends."

Puppets in THE FRIENDLY GIANT are Rusty the Rooster and Jerome the Giraffe, operated and given voice by Rod Coneybears, and puppet casts Angie and Fiddle, operated by John and Linda Koegh.

THE FRIENDLY GIANT was first produced by WHA-TV, Madison, Wisconsin. Premiering May 1954, it was one of the longest running NET series and was nationally recognized as an outstanding program for children. For three consecutive years it won Ohio State Awards. Mr. Homme, its creator, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin who has done extensive radio programming in music, moved to Canada and has continued with THE FRIENDLY GIANT for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation since 1958.

THE FRIENDLY GIANT is a presentation of National Educational Television.  It was produced for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation by Doug Davidson.