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The finder

52 episodes, 1954-1955, KETC (St. Louis)

From WNET:

"“The Finder” is a series of programs intended for children between nine and twelve years of age and is designed to promote their educational development as well as to entertain them.  Produced by Richard Hartzell, director of children’s programs at KETC in St. Louis, the program is built around Sunny Fox, an announcer with the curiosity and imagination of an explorer.  Each of the programs follows him as he discovers new things of interest in the St. Louis area and, through books, films, and studio interviews, throughout the world.  Fox, a former Korean correspondent for the State Department’s Voice of America, also has had experience with the American Broadcasting Company and Columbia Broadcasting System.  Some of the subjects presented are present day pioneers of aviation, history through ballads, stories of the past done in cooperation with the Missouri Historical Society, and Indian stories and legends.  Each week, the program features a new book, always non-fiction, on some subject of educational interest to young people."