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The essentials of freedom

6 episodes, 1958, WOSU-TV (Columbus, OH)

From WNET:

"This series is based on a conference held at Kenyon College, Gambler, Ohio, last April; the full title of the conference was “The Essentials of Freedom: The Idea and Practice of Ordered Liberty in the Twentieth Century.”  The college described the conference thusly: “The intention behind the conference was to help people to remember the underlying essentials of the free life; this intention could be achieved only by penetrating beyond the surface and the catchwords of our daily life to the spiritual principles and historical ideas which made Western, Christian civilization free as no previous or parallel culture has been free.  The conference was thus not concerned with the eccentric but the central, not with the abnormal but the normal, not with the chaotic but with the organized and purposive concept of freedom.”  The series was produced by WOSU-TV, Columbus, in cooperation with the Ohio State University department of photography.  The producer was David H. Ayers, and the director was Robert Wagner."