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The elements

10 episodes, 1956, KQED (San Francisco)

From WNET:

"Nobel prize winning chemist, Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg of the University of California staff, is featured on this series of 10 half-hour programs designed to raise the level of public knowledge and understanding of chemistry and its role in modern life.  Working with the highly technical equipment of the UC “Cave Room” in Berkeley, Dr. Seaborg explains what an element is, how elements combine in compounds, how the 11 synthetic elements were predicted and made and how elements are distributed in the earth and in the universe.  He also discusses the history of chemistry including ancient chemistry and alchemy, the Greeks’ unproved concept of the atom and isolation of the first element.  Produced by KQED, San Francisco, the series features a number of other outstanding scientists as guests on various programs."