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The criminal man

20 episodes, 1958, KQED (San Francisco)

From WNET:

"'The Criminal Man' is a definitive study of the cause, prevention and treatment of crime by the late Dr. Douglas M. Kelley, police consultant, psychiatrist and professor of criminology at the University of California. The series, which takes its title from Lombroso‚Äôs original work in the last century, incorporates a great number of dramatic re-enactments using highly skilled actors and films as illustrations. Dr. Kelley uses the first six programs to define crime and criminals and to destroy the myth, folklore and common superstitions which have long surrounded crime.  The second group of programs analyzes the true causes of crime and posts guides to the prevention of these causes. The two final programs look at current penal policies and their weaknesses regarding rehabilitation. Dr. Kelley indicates the lines of penological progress which he thinks would provide the greatest benefit to society."