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The computer and the mind of man

6 episodes, 1962, KQED (San Francisco)

From WNET:

"In the 1940’s a different kind of tool was invented – a tool for extending certain powers of man’s mind, the electronic computer. It is the fast, reliable, and tireless performance of a variety of arithmetic and logical operatic is which gives the computer its great utility and power. What this exciting invention means to mankind now and in the future is the subject of this provocative series. According to a series guest Dr. Richard Hamming, research mathematician at Bell Telephone Laboratories, “The computer revolution is often compared with the famous industrial revolution in importance and scope. The industrial revolution effectively released man from being a beast of burden; the computer revolution will similarly release man from slavery to a dull, repetitive routine… computers, because they enable us to ask new questions, will enable us to get entirely new answers… because the questions are new, the answers are also new and very exciting…” Animation, art, film, and dramatic sequences highlight the series. Under a grant from the International Business Machines Corporation, The Computer and the Mind of man was produced by N.E.T. by KQED in San Francisco."