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The art of the theatre

12 episodes, 1957, KUON (University of Nebraska)

From WNET:

"This series depicts how and why Theatre is a Fine Art.  The programs introduce the audience to each of the collaborative artist of the theatre: the playwright, the director, the actor, the scenic designer, the costumer, the makeup designer, the lighting designer, the composer – the artists, designers, craftsmen and technicians of the Theatre.  The program illustrates the work of each and show how all combine to present the play to the audience – to create the “illusion” of the theatre.  Examples and illustrations are drawn from other fine arts by guest painters, sculptors, dancers, violinists, art critics and symphony conductors.  Sketches, illustrations and dramatic vignettes from plays are used throughout.  By examining the medium, subject and form of theatre art and by showing the creative efforts of the contributing artist of the theatre, it is planned to increase the audience’s understanding and appreciation of the theatre.  The series was produced by KUON-TV, the University of Nebraska Television."