Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive

Tension areas

6 episodes, 1955, University of Michigan

From WNET:

"This is a series of discussions of vital "tension areas" in the Far East and their importance to the United States. Appearing as guest on each program is Albert Ravenholt, correspondent of the American Universities Field Staff and staff correspondent for the Chicago Daily News. Mr. Ravenholt is considered one of the nation's best-informed men on the Far East. Moderator for the programs is Dr. George A. Peek, Jr., assistant professor of political science at the University of Michigan. Other participants include Dr. John W. Hall, assistant professor of history and acting director of the Center for Japanese Studies; Dr. John W. Lederle, professor of political science and comptroller of the State of Michigan; Dr. Charles M. Davis, professor of geography; and Dr. Theodore M. Newcomb, professor of sociology and chairman of the doctoral program in social psychology, all at the University of Michigan. Important problems discussed are: Formosa, Hong Kong, the Philippine Republic, The Impact of U. S. Military Aid in the Far East, Chinese Minorities in Southeast Asia, and the Challenge of Rural Asia."