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Searchlights on delinquency

13 episodes, 1957, WTTW (Chicago)

From WNET:

"'Searchlights on Delinquency' was conceived and developed by the Office of the Sheriff of Cook Country (Chicago) as a means of portraying to the general public information regarding the many myths and false notions concerning delinquency. These programs are sociological studies of the various kinds of delinquency, their conditions and causes. Sheriff Joseph D. Lohman narrates all the programs and discusses various phases of delinquency with guest experts on psychology and sociology. Lohman is assisted by Captain Richard Boone of the Juvenile Bureau who interviews delinquents masked for anonymity and gives their case histories. The programs go further than pointing out what is wrong with the youngsters; they show the whys. The program suggests positive measures for dealing with them rather than the negative qualities of arrest and detention. The series was produced for the Center by WTTW, Chicago in cooperation with Sheriff Lohman’s office."