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Below is the complete collection of Rootie Kazootie episodes held by the Indiana University Moving Image Archive. Each episode, while unfortunately untitled, contains a brief description of the show's activities. To watch an episode, click on the corresponding image or on the link at the end of the description.

This 15-minute episode would have aired on a weekday after the Howdy Doody show. The episode features Polka Dottie's rules for life and Gala Poochie Pup delivering a postcard for El Squeako Mouse. Rootie, Polka Dottie, and Big Todd sing "Never Ever Smile at a Crocodile." The episode's sponsor is Silvercup bread. Watch the full episode here.

A weekday, 15-minute episode of the children’s show. The episode begins with a Silvercup bread ad and the audience of children singing the show's theme song. The episode's plot follows Rootie and Polka Dottie sitting on a rainbow, singing a thematically appropriate song with Big Todd. Then, Rootie, Big Todd, and Gala Poochie Pup wait for Mr. Deetle Dootle to present the new "hi" sign for their club. Finally, Poison Zoomack appears, wearing a disguise, to try and trick Rootie into handing over his Magic Kazootie. The episode ends with a fourth Silvercup ad and everyone singing the show's theme song. To see the full episode click here.

This episode of The Rootie Kazootie Club is a Thanksgiving special. It features guest singer Irving Caesar, a famous lyricist and theater composer whose work is still widely beloved. Rootie introduces another guest, Puss In Boots, who appears in the form of a short animated video where he helps the Pied Piper rescue his love from an evil man. International Harvester provided a rare live commercial for a refrigerator, featuring actors and a corporate spokesperson. Bruno-New York, Inc. also sponsored this portion of the holiday special. The episode has a 25-minute run time and can be viewed in full here.

In this 30-minute Saturday special, Mr. Deetle Dootle has been kidnapped by The Snowbird and taken to the North Pole. Rootie, Big Todd, and Gala Poochie Pup must work together to get him back. The middle segment is the Gala Poochie Pup Quiz, where audience members are asked trivia questions with the chance of earning a special prize if they get it right. The episode's sponsor is Powerhouse Candy Bar and Big Todd mentions that the show's mailing address is ABC studios, indicating the show has changed stations by the time this episode was created. The episode can be viewed here.

In this episode, Rootie dresses up as a reporter and interviews Polka Dottie, who is pretending to be new to town. The skit centers around Big Todd and Rootie singing "Ain't She Sweet" about Polka Dottie. Gala Poochie Pup makes a speech and Mr. Deetle Dootle and El Squeako Mouse show up with banners for “Be Kind to People Week.” Poison Zanzibou shows up, dressed as the Flower Lady, to try and steal Rootie's Magic Kazootie. The episode's sponsor is Silvercup Bread. Watch it in full here.

Rootie begins the episode by explaining to Big Todd that he joined the army and the only bad thing is waking up early. They sing a relatable song about how they hate getting up in the morning. Next, Gala Poochie Pup excitedly shows Rootie something he found: El Squeako Mouse floating high above the clubhouse, soaring through the air on a kite. He wanted to catch baseballs, which usually fly right over his head. Mr. Deetle Doodle and company try to make a baseball especially for El Squeako Mouse. The episode's sponsor is Silvercup Bread. The episode can be watched in full here.

Gala Poochie Pup starts the show with the Gala Poochie Quiz, with Mr. Deetle Dootle, Rootie, and Big Todd.  Rootie and Big Todd go on to sing “Big Rock Candy Mountain with special gear and backdrop. Sponsoring the show is Silvercup Bread. The 15 minute show ends with the presenting of gifts to the Gala Poochie Quiz participants. To watch the episode, click here.

Bob Russell guest hosts this episode of the show in place of Big Todd. Rootie dresses up as a “Kazootiegram” carrier for a song with Bob Russell. Polka Dottie comes around wanting to go on vacation, which allows Rootie to try out his new vacation service that brings the vacation destination to the person. Trouble ensues when Rootie and Mr. Deetle Dootle try to bring the Pacific Ocean to Polka Dottie. Gala Poochie Pup needs help when the water situation gets worse as he can’t swim. Silvercup Bread again sponsors the episode. To watch the episode, click here.

The show opens with Rootie worrying about El Squeako Mouse being too short to play on the baseball team. Big Todd introduces the character “Thumb-a-lina” to Rootie and Polka Dottie, while a song ensues. Gala Poochie Pup comes through expecting reporters to interview him about being famous for having an elevator. Mr. Deetle Dootle also makes an appearance looking for an elevator, and drops a sign warning Rootie about an incoming Poison Zoomack, who comes by disguised as the expected reporter. To view the episode, click here.

Rootie opens the show with a song called “Musical Memories” with Big Todd and a special effects spotlight. Mr. Deetle Dootle comes around on a quest for a rare bird and needs some help. Gala Poochie Pup makes an appearance wanting to make a birdhouse for a rare homing pigeon, and needs Rootie’s magic kazoo to build the birdhouse. A strange acting bird comes along looking for the Magic Kazootie afterwards. To see this episode, click here.

This 30 minute weekend episode centers on Poison Zoomack, who is suffering the effects of Rootie’s lucky four leaf clover ring as he clucks like a chicken. The rings, called “Rootie Kazootie’s Lucky Spot Rings” are later marketed towards viewers in connection with the show’s sponsor Powerhouse. Rootie and Polka Dottie dance to a song, while being interrupted by Dr. Deetle Dootle and Poison Zoomack. Rootie also reads a story from the “Tales of the Magic Kazootie” as Gala Poochie Pup acts out Rootie’s words. Being a weekend episode, the Gala Poochie Quiz is conducted with the child audience. Later in the show Rootie uses his “Talkamajig” invention to successfully translate Poison Zoomack’s clucking to English. You can view this episode by clicking here.

With only a run time of 15 minutes, this episode packs in a Gala Poochie Quiz segment, banter with Mr. Deetle Dootle, and a song between Rootie, Polka Dottie, and Big Todd involving fruits and vegetables called “We Have No Bananas.” Silvercup advertisements by the main characters are inserted between segments. The show wraps up with the revealing of prizes for quiz participants. See this episode by clicking here.

Another installment of the Gala Poochie Quiz headlines this episode of the show. Beforehand, Mr. Deetle Dootle entertains the audience by fishing in his hat. Silvercup advertisements appear throughout the 15 minute film, undertaken directly by the onstage talent. Rootie also sings a pioneer themed song with audience participation encouraged by Big Todd. View the episode by clicking here.

Rootie and the gang travel to the Bar K Ranch to embrace their inner western selves. Complete with cowboy hats, Rooite, Big Todd, Gala Poochie, El Squeako Mouse, and Polka Dottie sign a song of togetherness. A cowboy-themed Mr. Deetle Dootle makes sure the sponsor, Silvercup, gets their paid spot. Polka Dottie makes it known to Rootie that the queen’s crown is missing. The larger gang then attempts to solve the mystery, while the situation gets complicated with a warning of an incoming Poison Zoomack. To view the episode, click here

Rootie announces his marriage in this 15 minute episode. In this practical joke, Rootie tries to marry Gala Poochie Pup and sings about marriage while doing so. Not to be outdone lyrically, Silvercup uses the on-screen talent to sing their jingle. Big Todd and Rootie also plan out a picnic, with the help of Dr. Deetle Doodle, Polka Dottie, and a particular magic kazoo. Competition between El Squeako Mouse and Gala Poochie threatens to ruin the picnic festivities. To see how the episode turns out, view it here

This episode starts with a song between Rootie, Polka Dottie, and Big Todd about player pianos. A forced transition to Silvercup ensues. El Squeako Mouse is preparing to be shot out of Gala Poochie Pup’s cannon, which surely will end well! Big Todd and Rootie get sidetracked by Mr. Deetle Doodle coming around in the hopes of catching the soon-to-be flying mouse, as Polka Dottie tries making sandwiches for El Squeako. To find out what happens to El Squeako, view the full episode by clicking here.

Rootie dresses up as a detective in order to solve the mystery of Polka Dottie’s polka-dot obsession, which ends in song. Through his detective skills, Rootie also learns of the importance of whole milk in Silvercup bread. Gala Poochie brings to attention a pressing concern of an incoming Native American chief called “Big Chief Tom O’Hawk.” The rest of the episode consists of Big Todd and Rootie investigating who this mysterious chief is, while incorporating several aspects of Native American culture modern audiences would find offensive. To see their encounter with this character, watch the full episode here.

This 15 minute episode begins with Rootie writing a letter to himself, and singing a corresponding song. Polka Dottie finds a mysterious sign for “The Great Poocherini Master Hypnotist!” and the gang investigates for clues ahead of the talent contest. Silvercup provides advertising for the show, complete with signature jingle. To see who the Great Poocherini is, watch the full episode by clicking here.

Big Todd and Rootie get ready for the Rootin’ Kazootin’ Rodeo and must solve the problem of a resident unhappy with the idea of the rodeo. Western-themed outfits abound, for both the puppets and Todd Russell. Even the in-show advertisement for Silvercup bread sports the theme, with the name appearing on a target after Polka Dottie’s excellent sharpshooting. To see the entire Rootin’ Kazootin’ Rodeo lineup, including see who the mysterious rodeo guest is and a piano performance by Big Todd, watch the entire 15 minute episode here.

Gala Poochie Pup struggles with wanting to play but having to stay inside because of rain. To cheer him up, Big Todd and Rootie sing him a song about waiting for the sun. Gala Poochie in turn pitches the show’s sponsor, Silvercup bread. Gala Poochie Pup stays on stage to perform a song by Mario Lanza and a prank on Big Todd. The prank runs amok when the Mario Lanza record used to lipsync is broken. To find out how the prank turns out, watch the full episode here.

In this episode, Rootie puts on his chef hat along with Gala Poochie Pup and El Squeako Mouse to make enough money to go to the ball game. Big Todd investigates why everyone is whispering about Rootie’s Roadside Restaurant, which turns into a song between Rootie and Big Todd. The whispers change topic to the show’s sponsor, Silvercup bread. El Squeako Mouse creates a plan to wrangle up customers when the restaurant business needs help. To find out if the gang makes enough money to go to the game, see the entire episode here.

Rootie and Big Todd start this episode with a song about shoe shining as an encouragement to brighten one’s attitude. An awkward transition to a Silvercup advertisement comes next. Rootie realizes his upcoming wrestling match between him and the Great Bologna Bender for the world title. Rootie’s manager (Gala Poochie Pup), trainer (Big Todd), and time keeper (Mr. Deetle Dootle) prepare him for the faceoff. To witness the unmasking of Rootie’s mysterious challenger and to see how he fairs in the wrestling title, watch the full episode here.

The main feature in this 15 minute episode is the famous Gala Poochie Quiz. Before conducting the quiz, Gala Poochie’s twin brother, Gala Punchie Pup, arrives to help with the quiz. Silvercup sneaks in an advertisement between segments. The minor character Osgood makes an appearance during the Gala Poochie Quiz to deliver the quiz questions. The show continues with Rootie dressing up as a Native American to sing a song about mittens. Stereotypes emanate in this portion of the show, including an accent by Big Todd in the next Silvercup ad afterwards. To view the full show, click here.

Rootie and company begin this show with a sailing theme and corresponding song. Skipper Todd leads the group to a Silvercup bread sponsorship, an anticlimactic ending to the sailing bit. Afterwards, Rootie instructs the group to clean up for the coming of Cousin Sparky, the fire sniffing dog. Cousin Sparky makes the set fire safe while Big Todd and Rootie inform the audience on basic fire safety. While this happens, Poison Zanzibou tries taking the Magic Kazootie while Rootie is distracted with fire safety. To see how Rootie handles the situation, watch the full episode here.

Rootie seeks alone time with Polka Dottie, and voices the issue by singing the song “We Never See Dottie Alone!” The song transitions to an advertisement for Silvercup bread and the connected mention of making “Kazootie-wiches.” Polka Dottie comes to Rootie and Big Todd with a bear footprint problem, which makes Rootie (equipped with a raccoon-skinned cap) and Big Todd investigate the issue. To find out more about the mysterious bear, watch the full episode here.

The Gala Poochie Quiz dominates this 15 minute show, but first Mr. Deetle Dootle stops by in need of assistance with understanding a scrambled Rootie Kazootie-Gram. Rootie uses his trusty Magic Kazootie to unscramble the message from the show’s sponsor, Silvercup bread. After the Gala Poochie Quiz, Big Todd introduces Rootie, Polka Dottie, and Gala Poochie to pay tribute to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of England. The four on-screen characters sing a song about the occasion. To listen to the song yourself and to find out the prizes awarded to the quiz contestants, visit the full episode here.

Another installment of the weekly Gala Poochie Quiz takes a large portion of the allotted 15 minutes of runtime. Beforehand, Mr. Deetle Dootle entertains the audience with his usual confused antics. The show gets back on track after a message from the sponsor Silvercup bread. Between the quiz and the reward presentation, Rootie sings a song about a blue-tailed fly. Watch the full episode to see the prize presentation here.

Rootie opens this episode with great sadness at being a lion tamer and losing his love to a mouse. The boy genius curtains roll up to reveal El Squeako Mouse conducting acrobatics while Big Todd and Rootie sing a song about losing his love, Polka Dottie, to the swinging mouse. Gala Poochie questions El Squeako after the song to reveal that his confidence in business and love comes from the show’s sponsor Silvercup bread. Gala Poochie Pup later wants Rootie to use his “Testamajig” device to alter the properties of a baseball to help his batting percentage. The machine also warns Rootie on an incoming Poison Zoomack. To see how Rootie and the gang fairs in baseball and against Poison Zoomack, watch the complete episode here.

The audience of children erupt in cheers at the sight of Gala Poochie Pup coming onstage at the announcement of this episode being dedicated to the Gala Poochie Quiz. First, Mr. Deetle Dootle attempts to bake to the delight of the kids in the studio. Silvercup again sponsors the show, with ample time dedicated to presenting the product to the young consumers soaking in the show. After the quiz, Rootie sings “Good Morning, Good Morning!” along with Big Todd before announcing the prizes. To see the entire episode, click here.

Jimmy Blaine guest hosts this episode in place of Big Todd. The plot begins with Rootie explaining the current football game between the Tigers and the Rockets through song. Jimmy Blaine tries to coach the team to victory, as the waterboy, Mr. Deetle Dootle, comes stumbling through. To complete the football theme, the Silvercup bread advertisements are sent via football. Making things worse, Jimmy Blaine finds a warning about an incoming Poison Zoomack. To see how Rootie and the Rockets fare in football and against Poison Zoomack, watch the full episode here.

Gala Poochie Pup leads another Gala Poochie Quiz segment, while Mr. Deetle Doodle makes the traditional entrance before the quiz starts. This time, Mr. Deetle Doodle tries to cook. Of course before heading into the quiz Silvercup receives ample time to market directly to young consumers. Rootie and Big Todd also sing about a riverboat called the Robert E. Lee to the live audience from New York. To see these scenes and the gifting of prizes, watch the full episode here.

Another installment of the Gala Poochie Pup Quiz headlines this episode. Like many other 15 minute quiz shows, Mr. Deetle Doodle comes out to entertain the audience before the quiz starts. Silvercup markets their bread to the childhood audience. After the quiz, Rootie and Big Todd sing a song about Polka Dottie. To view the full episode, click here.

Rootie orders a bouquet of flowers for the hospitalized Arthur Godfrey, a famous television star of the era. The well wishes turn into a song by Rootie, Polka Dottie, and Big Todd. The well wishes continue into an advertisement for Silvercup bread. Further into the episode, Rootie looks for the “Terrible TV Twins”, Double and Trouble, with the gang as the twins make trouble. Luckily Rootie gets assistance from Sherlock Bones: The Great Dog-tective. To find out if the group can solve the case and restore order, watch the full episode here.

Rootie and Big Todd begin the episode by singing “Winter Wonderland,” which transitions abruptly to a plug for Silvercup bread. Mr. Deetle Doodle delivers a mysterious warning to beware of changes happening to Santa. Rootie investigates the changes happening to Santa Claus, with help by Gala Poochie Pup. to see the entire holiday special and find out if Rootie can save Santa Claus, click here.

Rootie is in a big rush in this episode from being behind at his restaurant “Rootie’s Quick Lunch.” A song about eggs and happiness continues. To go with the song about eggs, the following Silvercup bread advertisement includes a recipe and demonstration involving eggs and bread by Mr. Deetle Doodle. Transitioning themes, El Squeako Mouse wants to try out for the spring baseball league, so Big Todd helps him out. Rootie and Big Todd help Mr. Deetle Doodle and Big Todd with other baseball-related activities. To see how the baseball team fares, watch the full 15 minute episode here.

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