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Description Rootie seeks alone time with Polka Dottie, and voices the issue by singing the song “We Never See Dottie Alone!” The song transitions to an advertisement for Silvercup bread and the connected mention of making “Kazootie-wiches.” Polka Dottie comes to Rootie and Big Todd with a bear footprint problem, which makes Rootie (equipped with a raccoon-skinned cap) and Big Todd investigate the issue.
Subject The Rootie Kazootie Club, Children's Television
Producer Produced by Steve Carlin
Associate Producer Joseph L. Stuhl
Director Directed by Paul Burggraf
Technical Director Art Nace
Contributor Chief Rooter “Big” Todd Russell
Lilliputians designed by Paul Ashley
"Characterooties" played by Naomi Lewis, Cosmo Allegretti, John Vee, Paul Ashley
Musical Director Milton Kaye
Written by Charles L. Hutchings
Supervised by Arnold Cohan
Duration 00:15:02
Color/Black & White Black & White
Sound/Silent Sound
Film Stock 16mm