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Description Bob Russell guest hosts this episode of the show in place of Big Todd. Rootie dresses up as a “Kazootiegram” carrier for a song with Bob Russell. Polka Dottie comes around wanting to go on vacation, which allows Rootie to try out his new vacation service that brings the vacation destination to the person. Trouble ensues when Rootie and Mr. Deetle Dootle try to bring the Pacific Ocean to Polka Dottie. Gala Poochie Pup needs help when the water situation gets worse as he can’t swim. Silvercup Bread again sponsors the episode.
Subject The Rootie Kazootie Club
Producer Produced by Steve Carlin
Associate Producer Joseph L. Stuhl
Director Directed by Paul Burggraf
Technical Director Art Nace
Contributor Lilliputians designed by Paul Ashley
"Characterooties" played by Naomi Lewis, Frank Milano, John Vee, Paul Ashley
Musical Director Milton Kaye
Written by Cosmo F. Allegretti
Duration 00:14:57
Color/Black & White Black & White
Sound/Silent Sound
Film Stock 16mm