Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive

Prelude to the Presidency

7 episodes, 1956, WQED (Pittsburgh)

From WNET:

"This seven program series, originating from station WQED, features top men in the political field in an overall depth study of American political procedures leading up to election of a president. A major portion of the  first six programs are documentary in nature, employing narration and film clips from the National Broadcasting Company film Library in New York. Research materials for the series were prepared by Dr. William Keefe of Chatham College and Dr. Edward Cooke of the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Albert B. Martin, director of the Citizenship Clearing House of Western Pennsylvania, serves as host for the series. Filmed interviews feature seven US Senators: Henry Cabot Lodge; James Farley, former national chairman of the Democratic Party; Mayor David L. Lawrence of Pittsburgh; and Dr. Elmer Schattsneider, head of the American Political Science Association. This series was financed by a grant from the Falk Foundation and the project was coordinated through the Citizenship Clearing House of Western Pennsylvania."