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People are Taught to be Different

12 programs, 1958, KUHT (Houston)

This groundbreaking series uses an all-black cast from the University of Houston to illustrate sociological concepts via dance.

From WNET:

"People are Taught to be Different is a series of films representing a new departure in educational telecasting. From anthropology, social psychology and sociology, it draws case materials that dramatically portray the different ways children are brought up and personality is shaped throughout the world. Against a stylized background of primitive village and modern American life, folkways of childbirth, child-rearing, puberty rituals, courtship behavior, marriage rituals, institutional development, religion, medicine and death rituals are interpreted through the medium of modern dance. The sets, dances and music, create specifically to complement the explanations of the various groups and topics, combine to give, the viewer a “you are there” perspective. The material is presented by Dr. Henry Allen Bullock, professor of sociology and Chairman of the Graduate Research at Texas Southern University. He explains how and why human beings are made into different kinds of persons in different parts of the world."