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Patterns of Life

13 episodes, 1960, University of Southern California

From WNET:

"'Patterns of life' has as its theme an explanation of the chemical bases of life, which remain constant whatever form the life itself may take. In its most simple and its most complicated forms, living matter is always based upon the same elementary chemical and physical reactions, explains Dr. Saltman: it is the purpose of this series to describe those reactions, how that are produced, and what substances go into the construction of cells and enzymes, vitamins and viruses – the elements of life. Using visual aids such as scale models, diagrams, and even rare views through electronic microscope, Dr. Saltman analyzes in layman’s terms the complicated and fascinating chemical systems which weave together into the “Patterns of Life.” The series was produced for NET by the Department of Cinema of the University of Southern California. The series consists solely of lectures and demonstrations by Dr. Saltman."