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Nationalism and colonialism

16-18 programs, 1960, META

From WNET:

"Perhaps the most dramatic event on the world stage today is the emergence of new nations from their former colonial status. This series sheds new light on this headline-making subject through films and interviews with persons who have governed and have been governed under colonialism. In addition to covering changing periods in colonial history throughout the world, the series concentrates on the crumbling colonial system in Africa from Capetown to the shores of the Mediterranean. Nationalism and colonialism are historically inseparable. Modern colonialism in its earliest forms was an outgrowth of nationalistic aims and ideologies; and in contemporary terms, nationalism may be described as largely a reaction to British, French and Belgian, Dutch and possibly even American colonialism. Nationalism and colonialism have in this way historically acted and reacted one upon the other, and are now shaping the major international conflicts of our time."