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National Goals

6 episodes, 1961, New York University TV

From WNET:

"In December 1960 a red-white-and-blue paperback book appeared across the country, the result of almost a year of hard work and thought by a commission that President Eisenhower and established to define the problems of the coming decades. The President’s Commission on National Goals published its finding in a series of brief analytical essays collected under the title Goals for Americans. This television series, NATIONAL GOALS, is based on some of the findings.

The members of the Commission did not set up these national goals in an arbitrary fashion. Rather, they analyzed the facts of our economic, political, and social structure, and the attitudes, opinions, desires, and needs of the American people; then they stated some of the problems that these suggest. The goals, the solutions to these problems, may well not be agreed upon. They serve as targets, for achievement, alteration, or rejection. The ultimate purpose of the Commission and of this series, in which some members of the Commission participate, is to simulate discussion by presenting the facts and some conclusions that can be drawn from them. Whether these goals are accepted or rejected, and how they are achieved – that must be decided by the American people."