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6 episodes, 1961, WQED (Pittsburgh)

From WNET:

"The odds are 6 to 5 that a child born in the USA today will be born in a city. Fifty-nine percent of population is concentrated in metropolitan areas. With the growth of the city and the city complex have come problems easily recognized, but often neither anticipated nor solved. Some of these are obvious: traffic congestion, insufficient housing, poor public services and facilities, crime and urban decay. Others are less immediately noticeable: a bad governmental structure, inadequate school systems, the mixing of different kinds of buildings and functions in crowded areas, lack of parks or recreation facilities, high prices for all goods and services, and so on. METROPLEX is a series that defines the major problems of our vast metropolitan areas, and suggests ways to improve conditions or resolves the problems. The series is composed chiefly of film clips, many shot on location in Seattle, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Miami and other cities that have faced and solved difficult urban problems."