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Always an observer of groups of people, Wells often filmed his family members, at times unbeknownst to them, as they fraternized. These five examples demonstrate the importance he placed on his familial relationships and show us how much he cared for his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Granville Wells. Unfortunately, most of these movies are out of focus, but they nevertheless allow us to see life through Wells' eyes, and in doing so, give us a glimpse into his caring personality. Click an image to watch a movie.

Bear Wallow - Brown County - Family

"Bear Wallow - Brown County - Family" opens with short clips of Wells' various family members at the top of a firetower interspersed with shots of the natural scenery from that vantage point. His parents are discernable, but their other two companions are unknown. Hills, valleys, and trees fill the scenes. The film moves on to depict what appears to be a family picnic, showing extended family conversing and eating together outdoors. He especially focuses on his parents, the young adults present, and the small children playing amongst themselves.

Brown Co - Spring - French Lick

Shots of his various family members, including his parents, comprise the opening scenes of "Brown Co - Spring - French Lick." Then come scenes of a garden with strikingly red flowers and a plethora of green shrubs. At 2:32 begins footage of the family engaging in light recreational activities at a spring. Scenes depict family members in a cave, where they stand on a platform overlooking a small waterfall. After leaving the spring, they arrive at French Lick, where Wells eyes the expansive gardens, the architecture of the buildings, and his family members once again.

Last Xmas and Brown Co

Like the rest of his home movies with family as the primary subject, "Last Xmas and Brown Co" is very out of focus. It is also dark, presumably because it was primarily shot indoors under low light. Discernable scenes in this video include family members cooking, eating dinner together, swimming and diving at a pool, and relaxing both indoors and out. 

Mex, Farm, Xmas & Brown Co

"Mex, Farm, Xmas, & Brown Co" begins with footage from Wells' 1940 trip to Mexico (see the "Mexico Trip" tab above for more info on this). There Wells observed plants, mountains, and small houses with thatched roofs. At 0:40 the film switches to Indiana. Farmyard scenes depict chickens, a barn, cornfields, horses, and cows. At 2:19 Wells captures his family and friends dressed up for Christmas. At 3:40 the home movie changes themes once more to focus on the natural world. 


"Reunion" depicts a large family reunion held outdoors. Family members eat, converse, and mingle near their cars and on picnic blankets/beach towels. Later footage shows them at a beach, playing in the water and relaxing. At 3:24 the footage shows a ride on a Missouri Pacific Lines train.